Randy Donauer

Community Engagement

I have endeavoured to be accessible and available to residents when you need to talk to your Councillor.

In addition to responding to thousands of phone calls and emails, I have visited many of your homes, or met with you in the community.

Active Engagement with my residents:

  • City Hall update flyer delivered to every household 1-2 times per year
  • Ward 5 Town Hall Meeting
  • Email blast sent to 1,450 people every month or two with latest City Hall news
  • Coffee With Randy at Lawson Safeway Coffee Shop every 2 months (everyone welcome)
  • Facebook updates at www.facebook.com/DonauerWard5
  • Twitter updates @randydonauer
  • Instagram updates at randydonauer
  • Thousands of resident phone calls and emails answered
  • Hundreds of home visits and/or visits in the community

Once the provincial government instituted health measures to lock down the province, group coffee meetings were no longer allowed, so Randy held ZOOM Coffee times, available to all residents to discuss their concerns.


Randy would appreciate hearing from the residents of Ward 5 concerning issues that are important to you.

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