Low Emissions Community Plan

posted by Randy Donauer    |   November 14, 2019 21:04

The City of Saskatoon has developed the Low Emissions Community Plan (LEC plan), which is a detailed road map of the actions required to meet emissions reduction targets.  

To view the LEC plan and get more information click this link.

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Civic Issues

Ward 5 Email Update

posted by Randy Donauer    |   November 14, 2019 21:03

The latest electronic update is out.  It includes information on events in our city, issues in the Ward, and I solicit input on what your budget and spending priorities are.  

Click here for a copy of the new electronic update.


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Civic Issues

NSBA Mayor's Lunch

posted by Randy Donauer    |   November 14, 2019 20:09


I attended the NSBA Mayor's Lunch.  An excellent fire side chat with the board chair and Mayor Clark.



Remembrance Day 2019

posted by Randy Donauer    |   November 11, 2019 21:20

A very touching Remembrance Day celebration at SaskTel Centre.  Thank you to everyone who participate, and those who came out to show honour and respect.  We will never forget!