Star Phoenix Labels Donauer Fiscal Hawk

posted by Randy Donauer    |   October 6, 2016 19:01

Click here to see the Star Phoenix article calling me a fiscal hawk on Council.  I don't think it was meant as a compliment, but I wear it as a badge of honour.

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Video - My Reply When Told To Just Accept The Budget

posted by Randy Donauer    |   October 4, 2016 19:58

This past term, I challenged the proposed budget we received from Administration because it involved a very large tax increase.  I was told that we should just accept the Administration's budget because they worked really hard on it.

 Click here to watch a 2 minute video of my reply.

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Ward 5 Issues

1st Flyer of 2016 Campaign

posted by Randy Donauer    |   October 4, 2016 19:54

Take a look at a pdf of my first flyer of the 2016 campaign.  It was delivered to all of Ward 5 about 3 weeks ago.

1st flyer low rest.pdf (680.77 kb)

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Ward 5 Issues

River Landing Construction To Begin This Month!

posted by Randy Donauer    |   October 3, 2016 11:09

All the necessary approvals are in place, and construction of the new high rise hotel and condos at River Landing is set to begin this month.  Construction is expected to take 2 years.

Click here for more information.